[FEEDBACK] FeedBack on two Logos of mine

Hi there, my name is FlingHD and I made two Logos about 2 hours ago and I want your FeedBack on them… How can I improve them? Do they look good or bad? Why do they look good or bad? And if you were to rate these Logos out of ten what would you rate them?

The Logos

  • Dog Simulator
  • Fortune Entertainment

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Any FeedBack is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.



These are actually cool! For “Dog Simulator” make the tag should a dog paw print on it!


First of all, I recall that rating was spam, so don’t ask for it. Feedback though, the talking kind of feedback, like I will give, is fine. (1-10)

My feedback for the dog logo is to make the right paw rotated a bit to the left. For the light bulb, idk why it’s there, so make it something like a dog collar. Second, idk if this is just the picture or exporting, but it seems like the sword is cut off at the top.

All in all, it seems very attractive and good aesthetics!

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I think the Dog Simulator logo which looks really good in my opinion!

Hey Fling! Im a logo designer as well so add me on Dis I wanna talk. I like the logos they have cool concepts, however, I know you could carry them out better! Keep up the good work! :hidere:

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I think they both look very well made and professional. However, like someone said, it may look better if you rotate the paw prints in the dog simulator logo.