Feedback for my game

Im trying to make a cartoonish game but with roblox lighting its making it too realistic any way to fix this?, if someone would also know how to add some snow effect that would be very useful

You could always light the game manually with spot lights.

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You could try setting the Lightning technology to ShadowMap or Future > Compatibility or Voxel

Also, if you don’t want shadows, you can simply disable GlobalShadows inside Lightning

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Have you considered tweaking the properties to have a more welcoming appearance? I would tweak the lighting settings and pick the one that best suits your build. There is no good lighting or worst lighting, as every game is different and has a more vary appearance to it so try to use shadow map.

In my opinion, if you get the shadow map lighting setting correct, it would make the cartoony colors pop. Here is a already discussed thread that could help you along the way, it leaves information on what lighting setting to use. It can vary depending on what kind of atmosphere your wanting to set in you just have to experiment.