Feedback Needed Desperately | Huge Ship

Hey guys, could I please receive some feedback on this ship I made? Its supposed to look similar to this-
And this is mine (Ignore the grey ship in background)-

Thanks soo much guys!


look quite good for me,
I think you probably use the lightning feature to make your “Tantive IV ship” much better and shinier and also it looks good on the side of the “Tantive IV ship” not only it was a good start but also it looks simple and also easy to make. I think you have made the ship really good so far so… job well done
that all for now and I will see you in the next reply…

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How exactly would I use the lighting feature? @RISING_ROBLOX

maybe you check it out this post maybe it help you

so i hope you get it how to do it

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It doesn’t look bad, you clearly abstracted the ship from the reference to make it more simpler to build and I get that. But you should use better methods to do it:

  • References. You need to improve your references before you start building obviously, it would be much easier to notice the structure with a better reference. For example:
  • Proportions. Don’t take this too harshly, but the proportions are really messed up on yours, the structure on the back is way too small compared to the picture, it should be at least 2x bigger than the structure in the middle, the structure that’s connecting the middle and back is too short, it should be at least the same as the size of the structure on the middle, and so on. What I said might not be accurate but just from the reference I could tell how I’m going to implement the other structures based off on one structure.
  • Abstracting. From the reference I gave you, you could clearly see all the major structures of the ship that is crucial to it, that meaning it should not be removed before the smaller and less important detail gets removed (For example the 12 large pack on the back, the structure on the middle, the cylinder between the back and the middle, and the cylinder on the front). I honestly can’t explain abstracting by myself but I’m sure you can understand it just from this picture below:
    I’ve been seeing your builds sometimes around the forum, you’ve been improving very well and I appreciate your effort.
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I will do all of this stuff, and then come back with an updated version and hopefully it looks much better! Thanks for the feedback guys!