[FEEDBACK] New GFX Thumbnail

I like it, Keep up the good work! :+1:


There’s a little problem in your GFX, the legs were going through the chair. Other than that, this is great! :clap:

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Agreed! Thank you for the feedback, I will try and improve this on this in the future. :smiley: :+1:

To be honest, there is nothing this GFX is missing. It just looks amazing! Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Maybe add a stroke for the character and it may look more cooler.

Greetings, I may say you really did a very good job in making that GFX of yours!
Though there is only one problem, the rainbow in your back should not have a visible end, because it looks like you made your rainbow small, which is kind of unrealistic, for a background that represents a realistic yard.
I suggest you remove the rainbow to make your background have a more realistic apperance, because having as I said, a small rainbow in a realistic background dosen’t fit well for it’s appearance.
Overall, you did a good job in designing your GFX and I hope you improve it!

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In my opinions, lighting is one of the MOST important things to making a good GFX. This looks pretty good. Positioning is pretty good. Like someone else said the left leg is in the bench. The lighting is a bit flat. Not much interesting going on. Not a lot of shadows. If you used blender. I advise rendering in eevee and enabling ambient occlusion. Trying changing the amount and distance. I’d recommend 3 m for distance and/or amount 3.

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Your text effects is lacking. I would look into adding more effects as opposed just another copy of the text layered behind it in a different color. One text effect you should look into is drop shadows.


the pose is pretty natural, and the material for the rig is well done as well. general lighting doesn’t need any change, for it correlates with the background image well. however, the glossy material that you applied to the character does not apply to the seat, nor the ice cream that they are holding. applying this will make the props fit more. i also recommend some more work in post processing; the rainbow could maybe instead of having low opacity, you can change the blending mode to something like linear dodge and messing around with the opacity then. other than that, it looks great, keep up the good work.

I really love this gfx. Only 1 improvement that I would recommend is denoising the rainbow. Otherwise, everything is GREAT, Keep it up! Capture Capture1
EDIT: Please don’t be offended.

Try blending the character in with the background because currently it looks like the chair is floating.

I will have to disagree with you on that, yes, lighting is important, I will agree. However, composition, readability, and the message of a GFX is very important as well. Without good composition, you have get an odd looking gfx, without good readability, you can’t even see it, without a good message, you don’t even know why you’re looking at it in the first place.

Anyways, I believe the GFX should try and fix the dithering/noise issue which I see near the chin and rainbow:


Though that is honestly minor, turning up samples should fix it. Make sure you’re also using cycles, gives much better shadows and depth. Try making bends like arms and legs more natural, bending at a perfect 90 degrees will never happen unless you somehow snap their bone-

anyways… make arm and leg bends more natural. The legs seem awfully stiff sticking out. I understand it may be due to the roblox way of sitting however, you should of course bend the rules to make it look better. Try adding some exaggeration in the pose to give it more readability.

Instead of just sitting and staring at the camera, holding an ice cream. Give it the pose of the character relaxing, deliciously and intensely looking at the ice cream. Exaggerate until its absolutley readable that anybody can just glance and say, “Oh, they really love that ice cream :eyes:”.

The lighting also seems off with the character having shine but little to no shadows, including the bench. Add pbr textures to the wood and cloth folds to the shirt and pants.

Sorry If I sound nitpicky, just trying to help out :sweat:

Here are some examples I could give you:

As you can see, adding deep contrasting shadows, folds, or small lighting glows from the light make renders and GFX pop.

Exaggerated poses give it a nice feeling and asthetic, more natural. Basically, nothing is perfect, make the character imperfect. Imperfection is perfection :ok_hand:.

Anyways, I still like your render/gfx quite good. The ice cream looks glowy and nice, the character shows their happiness of wanting to eat it, and it gives it a happy mood and feel. Lastly, I would recommend trying to make the message of it send across from just a picture. This is difficult but definitely feasible.

Good luck and keep gfxing (I don’t even know if gfxing is a thing :sweat_smile:) :+1:


The GFX is good! I will note, as others have said, the lighting feels very flat, and from the background it appears the lighting (sun) is coming from behind the character, while with the GFX it appears that the lighting is coming from above. Although it can be difficult, working with multiple light sources is beneficial to get that blend of light that really gives it photorealism.

Sorry for the late response.
I will give you some pointers.

Your text could be more appealing, it’s not the best font for the image out there. Especially mixed with your watermark. The ice-cream is nice, bending the limbs on your leg a little and moving her forward would help. Or reduce the size of the bench. The perspective of the chair does not match with your background.

Your chair’s steel should be reflective and wood should have texture for this type realism. There is some reflectance on her face, skin has a glare but not too much reflectance. Her legs currently are going through the chair to add to this.

The rainbow at the end is noisy. Example of your noise. Technically speaking in real life this is not possible for a rainbow, if yourstyle is cartoon then it should be fine. Use your imagination :). If you were going for realism, your rainbow should be above the treetops and in the left side sky.

The renders lighting I’m finding very bright for the background you’ve got. If you were to match hue/saturation/brightness…ect you can match the render with the background to match a little more.

  • You’ve done some good work. Continue to receive criticism from others and learn and you’ll be at the top some day. Reminder there’s always room for improvement.

Keep it up.

Thank you for all the responses! I have read through them and now know what I could improve on. Tysm! :slight_smile:

The only thing I can suggest for improvement is to move the text up a bit from the bottom. Other than that, very nice.

I love your style! Anyways, the text (the big one) does seem to blend in too much with the shoes. The rainbow doesn’t seem that realistically blended in, and the leg seems to be clipping into the bench (has been stated several times so). I’d recommend reducing the lighting, because it doesn’t look very natural. The wood looks too plain for some reason, maybe add some texture next time? Overall though, I like it.

Maybe try texturing the bench and try and blend the bg with the picture, but all and all it looks great

Hello, I think your GFX looks great, although the rainbow in the background looks like its on the ground, and as you know rainbows are up on the sky. Thats basically all I have to say, keep up the good work emiliqax!

The reason the text is weird was because that was my first time using a different photoshop app. :joy:
But yes, I have went back to my old one because I prefer it more.