Feedback on a Café

Looking for feedback on this café I’m creating. Aiming for a modern look.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.



wow that was looking so fresh,when this build come and what group you try to sent to?


I think that I had seen this building before in other cafe games, but I think it looks very interesting and detailed! Especially lightning is also looks very good.

Keep up the good work man!

I think it looks good, for a modern style you could try to work with more smoother materials. For example smoothplastic walls with a custom texture instead of concrete. Maybe use cilinders or a more complex shape for the pillars because i notice a lot of rectangles in the build.


Looks pretty nice!

The only thing I would change is more of a realistic landscape
Such as making the island into a circle like shape rather than a perfect square

If you dont want to do that I highly recommend fixing these on the corners of the mapimage

You can use the gapfill plugin ) to fix this problem, This saves alot of time and I would suggest that everyone should use it!

As for the interior not much too be done, its perfect! ( Maybe a little more tables and chairs in places )

Great work!


I think this looks awesome but I think the fluffy trees could get a bit better.
Keep up the good work.


Looks very well made, keep up the good work!


I think you should add different types of chairs/tables in the cafe and not just one. Also, in the inside you can add more plants, trashcans, and if you do not have a bathroom maybe add one. Looks good overall.


Yeah, I’m definitely going to work on that! Thank you so much. @RismyRoblox

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I removed a lot of the plants because there were too many. I’ll probably add some more back, and definitely work on implementing different types of tables. Thank you for your feedback. @Samchan77


Looks very good. I would suggest adding more of drink maker. :smile:

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Yeah. I’ve been lazy and haven’t been working on the kitchen much so I need to get that done. Thanks for the feedback. @DesiredDesk

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Looks very good! Nice job building that!


Looks very professional! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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The interior looks amazing in terms of looks, though the exterior is a different story.

I do like the pier kind of thing you have going on at the front, though it all just seems a little bland outside. In addition, there is some areas of the island that have not been made properly (I don’t know if this was intentional or not).

OVERALL I think it looks great. The other things I mentioned are just optional improvements that would make it look better. Nice job!

@Quin_Fume @RismyRoblox

Rebuilt the island. Don’t hesitate to reply with additional feedback! :smiley:
All the empty spaces will be filled later.

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I think that looks a ton better. It’s a lot less blocky, and seems more realistic than before. I also like the beach area you have going on with the “sand-ramp”. A great build if ever I’ve seen one.

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Amazing work!

Looks allot better!

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Great job! Now the island itself looks even more better and entertaining!

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Wow, Nice work! Love the graphic sun rays.

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