Feedback on a GUI I made using Adobe

I decided to make this on Adobe because I was rlly bored. Please tell me your thoughts and if you like it.

I’m still improving so please do tell me ways I can improve. I’m not the best but I’d appreciate any feedback.



It looks super plain. I’d try to add something to the UI to make it look less bland. Also, the chat room colors don’t mix well and can cause an eyesore if used for too long. I recommend going with the same color pattern you’ve already chosen for the rest.


I see. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try and add some stuff to make it less bland and improve the chat room colours.


The contrast isn’t great, I also wouldn’t use too much colors. I would read these:


This looks like the UI from, and while I am amazed at how close you got to replicating the original, I still think you should put your own original touch on it, maybe instead of having a blank white background put a design inside of it. Maybe add a fancy border.


Thanks. I did see someone else’s work and base mine off that (I didn’t steal the work I made everything on that myself). I’ll try change it up and make it look more original.

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Alright thanks. Appreciate the feedback and I will read those.


Try to use color palettes when deciding on colors to use!

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