Feedback on Avatar Art | Help with Commissions

Hi, I’m Nym. I’ve been doing traditional art for 4 years, digital art for 2 years and playing Roblox since 2016.

Yesterday, as a way to help myself out of an art block, I decided to draw my little Roblox avatar.

I am open for any feedback to improve my art, as well as advice on which criteria should I price my commissions (details, pay per character, hourly pay,…) because I’ve never opened commissions before and I would like to get started. Thank you! :heart:


For contact, please DM me on Discord at nym#4793


It’s really hard whether this is a portfolio or asking for feedback.

Asking for prices is now against the rules!

But honestly, not gonna lie your work is great! I love! You should probably price around1.5-3k per commision or something! Keep up the good work! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you! My initial purpose wasn’t to ask how much should my work be, but to know based on which qualities should I charge. I’m glad you like my work though! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:

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I really like the art style that you are using, and your choice of colors. In my opinion, you should charge per hour.


Really nice, I suggest you try full body features or maybe try more masculine characters. Really good but I am not sure why you put blur on the upper body.

Actually that’s now grown on me, looks really good. I’m looking for a rebrand so I’ll stay about and look for your portfolio :wink: .

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This is beautiful work, I’d suggest going for a Commission format that’s based on what portions of the character are being drawn.

You can calculate the prices based on how long the art takes you to finish usually and what skill level you think that your art is at. I’d suggest watching a Youtuber called LavenderTowne and various other art youtubers, they have videos discussing this very topic.

Artists tend to get tricked a lot into low-balling their prices down to $15 bucks for a full character so be cautious and stand firm. If they aren’t willing to invest their money for your time then you shouldn’t invest your skills and time for them.

Crowne Prince does an interesting video on this topic where people from different backgrounds judge how much an art piece should cost…

Me personally? You seem to understand color harmony, make use of the tools your art program well and you have great control over your lineart. I’d personally put this piece at $40-$60 bucks.


These are very informative tips. Thank you for the insight! :heart:

It’s fantastic! Great job :smiley:

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Thanks:) I’m still experimenting with different body types, but I’ll be sure to notify you once I’m ready for commissions!

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Very aesthetic to me and it looks great, love the amounts of detail you put into the avatar art. It resembles the roblox character very well. Keep going you’re doing great.

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