Feedback on build (Lighting)

Needing to get feedback on my build’s lighting.
I’m just not too sure about the yellow lighting with the greenery around in the hallway.

This is what the lighting used to look like before I made it more yellowish

I fear using fog because it creates odd-looking shadows in my opinion in darker areas.

And this is a mix between the two, a bit more natural with a golden tint to it.

Should I just do a completely different setting, and maybe scrap the golden lighting and go for something more bright? I’m just lost on how to achieve good lighting.


I’m telling Roblox to hire you! :joy:

Jokes aside, GOD DAMN THIS IS HOT! How many parts? Are the tiles on the floor terrain or all parts?


This is awesome man! I wouldnt change a thing :+1:


First, off OMG this build is amazing :shock:!
And about the lighting try using future or if that doesn’t work try lowering the amount of intensity.


I’m guessing this is meshed, right?
Looks amazing I would try out Roblox’s new "depth of field."Depth of feild


add cool textures, roof looks very meh, windows r cool but nature assets are meh

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the bricks also look very basic, since they look like a single part

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seriously the window is pretty detailed but the rest isnt so good, the bricks could be replaced, the roof could be improved, the nature assets could use surface appearance, you could replace the studio grass

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BRO WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! Amazing work, 1111100000/10. I think the lighting is perfect! I thought this was an irl photo

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replacing the studio grass would give it a better look, studio grass seriously sucks, as it is a triangle

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Some of the vegetation looks a little strange. I don’t know if they were free models or what, but they all look different from each other, be it shape or color. You have the default Roblox terrain grass (which never really looked good) coupled with some ill-fitting leaves and such sprinkled around it.

Some of those meshes are incredibly light green compared to the darker colored grass and lighting, and overall looks quite strange. Try to darken their textures (if you even made them) or find something else.

As for that tree in the middle, I don’t feel it fits well. The rest of the interior is lavishly decorated with vegetation and complex architecture but there’s just a dead, lone tree at the end of the hallway. It seems weird that everything else would become so lush and green but the tree would just stand there, dead.

Regarding the outside, try putting some more detail outside of the windows. I can clearly see what just looks like a thin topping of terrain grass. If there IS something outside those windows, great, but I (and probably others) can’t particularly see anything over there. Making details outside the playable area helps it feel more grounded, rather than just “Lighting Showcase #5487”. I do have to say, however, that the architecture is leagues better than most if not all other showcases.


Thanks for the input, and I do plan on changing the vegetation, it was mostly just to get something for reference, and will be using better models. The vegetation that is used was free modeled, and I plan on making some models myself to use.

at first it took me a second to realise it was a actual model and not a picture. This is like, GOD TIER

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