Feedback on cafe build

Hey guys i was hoping some of you may help me with giving me some feedback, this is my first cafe, if you have time please check it out, i will leave the link here:

And if you have any ideas that i could do or things to change to make it better. Its still in progress
Thank You

Here are some screenshots: (It looks better in the game)


In terms of looks - it’s great.
However in all honesty it needs to be scaled up a bit.

I can’t evaluate on pricing but I’m sure someone will be able to give you a good estimate.

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Thank you very much and yes i thought might be small :slight_smile:

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Please use Cool Creations if you want to showcase assets and receive feedback on them. The support categories are more for getting actual help on resolving issues in your development. I have recategorised this post with regards to this feedback.

Also, please review our rules again. We do not allow threads asking for prices on assets. The main point of your thread should solely be receiving feedback on what you’ve made, not for asking for prices.

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Thank you for your help @colbert2677 but i dont know how to price these builds how would i be able to get help on this subject?

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You can negotiate this with interested buyers if you’re selling it or get help from various development communities on Roblox (e.g. Hidden Developers, exploreDev). All of this ideally should happen off the forums and at that point it’s up to you how to reach out to other users that it’s an asset for sale or receive help regarding attaching prices to them.

Ok thank you, i only did this because i saw other people doing this so i thought it would be a good idea to do it here

Hey I noticed that some of your concrete parts on the floor are colliding together and are glitching out, I think if you union them or get rid of some of the unecessary parts it would work. Or actually instead you could just make it 1 concrete part to be honest, you don’t need any more than that. Also for some reason the roof was like making me trip out or something since it’s just a glass-window haha.

Good work so far though!

Here’s an mp4 file video of the concrete parts glitching out on the floor incase you were wondering:

Thank you very much, i will union them together and appreciate your opinion. :slight_smile:

Actually don’t union them, it’s just unnecessary and it’s not good for performance. Use one concrete part instead.

You could try using textures and more lighting techniques to make this build for “alive”

Alright, thank you very much.:slight_smile:

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Yeah i should of said it’s still in progress and thank you.

Looks quite nice however what I would recommend is the following:

Improvements to Lighting - Cafes are meant to be well lit and to a standard of that entire “bright, nice, clean” sort of vibe.

Improvement to Size - Cafes are also quite spacious with high ceilings. So perhaps try to reference your build to a real-world cafe or look at other successful Cafes on Roblox.

But good first attempt overall.

I actually like it. Especially the first pic, cozy and modern at the same time.
Though as the pictures go on… the style goes all over the place. It starts off looking American but when you enter, it has more of a chinese style to it (floors, window and design overall)
The roof looks… kind of weird.
I think you should make it 2 story, add more plants and such… the chairs and table look kind of odd as well.
This type of cafe looks unusual but is unique so I’m not sure how many people would be looking for something like this. Good job.

Hey! I did a walk through of the interior and exterior of your build. Let me start by saying it looks great! There was a lot of time and detail that went into this build and it shows! Great job!

I love the variation in textures and materials. You did an amazing job with that. I’ll be honest I didn’t think I would be as impressed as I am judging just by the screenshots. You really found a way to make these different materials/textures compliment each other very well. The flooring, the tiles on the counter, even the design of the flooring in the main seating area were all so beautiful.

Now for things that I noticed that could use some improvement:

  • You have a lot of Z fighting happening on the interior of your building, specifically on the frames of the windows, including the frame of the backdoor/window, and a little on the flooring behind the counter. It’s not a huge issue, but it looks a lot better if you can avoid Z fighting on your builds :slight_smile:
  • I would definitely consider adding more lighting. I liked the lights you used above the counter space in the main cafe area, but the rest of your build feels a little dark.
  • I’d also recommend adding some plants/decor throughout your build just to add to the cafe feel
  • Also adding the ability for players to actually be able to sit in seats would be a huge plus :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I cannot help you as far as pricing goes, but maybe look at what others are asking for their builds and try to use that as a guide.

Keep up the great work! Best of luck with your projects! :smiley:

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Thank you very much, its still in progress, but i will take in what you said.

The build is quite nice, although in a few rooms the ceiling seems to be very low.

Thank you i appreciate your comment and yes it is something different lol, not the best at matching.:slight_smile:

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Thank you so much this helps a lot with the things you have pointed out which i will change into this build, i appreciate your comment :smile:

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