Feedback on Donut

I think the non iced part needs to be more rough but overall a good donut model

Wait a minute, so you’re saying I cannot detail my donut?

If you want your game to run smoothly you’re gonna have to lower the detail.

I know that. That’s what I did for the game. But, you didn’t answer my question above. Can I not have lumps on my donut? I mean, it’s detail for any other thing in this world. :man_shrugging:

I did answer your question. I thought that was it.

But this is too much of a coincidence to not be blender guru.

Along with the blue background.

I’m not saying you stole anything. I’m just saying you followed the tutorial and you were trying to pass it off like you done it yourself. Again, there’s nothing wrong with following a tutorial.

Ask your friend who walked you through the donut.

You understand the ring is what makes the whole donut? It’s a torus, ask anyone in this world that uses Blender. The lumps, are a key detail. It’s pointless arguing about this. You think whatever you’d like. I won’t let it bother me.

You’re assuming I followed a tutorial as well. Have you been stocking me this whole time? That is 1 concern… How would you know? And the blue background fits exactly with a strawberry donut.

I got people to back me up. I don’t want to argue on the Forums. But, you can add me on Discord and we can talk more there. sy#8888

you right, we shouldn’t be arguing here.

Looks pretty good!
The icing is a bit to thick compared to the donut, and like @Scottifly said it looks undercooked.
Otherwise looks good!

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If I were you I would add some imperfections it looks like a computer made it.

The blender guru tutorial… The one basically everybody followed.