Feedback on gameloop/idea


Hello game developers! I am currently working on a round based game (with other devs) and was wondering if I should continue the development of the game (its in pre alpha stages so we dont even have a name for the game and most of the content).

Game Idea


The gameplay will be simple. Up to 12 players will be brought to a randomly selected map. One of those players will be chosen to be the “controller”. The controller will be able to summon a number of disasters. Some examples may be a zombie apocalypse where players survive a wave of zombies or one player is given a weapon such as a sword and can kill the other players for a limited time period.

The last player standing is the winner and gains xp and the in game currency (at least more than everyone else).

Currency and XP

There is going to be two currency’s. One for purchasing disasters and another one for cosmetics. The main currency is the one which players purchase disasters and is obtained at the end of every round (or by purchasing it with Robux). The secondary currency is used for cosmetics and can only be obtained by purchasing it (dev products), or trading the main currency in to get it.

Xp will be used to show who has played the most. It will also unlock certain disasters (that you have to purchase with the currency) you can summon when you are the “controller”. Other than that, xp is not really that important.

Questions I have

  • Does this sound fun?
  • Is there anything you would change/add to the game?


Please be as blunt as you want. I want to make a good game so if the idea’s bad, well then it is.

Thank you!

Changes to the game:
Wins will now be in charge of unlocking disasters


The game idea seems interesting, not a lot here to base it off but it could work. I do have a concern though. How many disasters do you plan on having unlocked right at the start?

The issue I see is that if you have to unlock disasters by leveling up or purchasing them, a lot of players will become bored when this game releases because they only have a few disasters they could use, so the gameplay may become repetitive. This could also even happen after release if a server is filled with all new players, they may just have the same disasters.


Good point. I was thinking you would start with around 5 at level 0, and as you level up you gain a bunch more. At first, levels will be easier to gain then higher ones. This means players will be unlocking a bunch at the start. I will consider this though and may remove the level requirements from disasters all together. Thank you!


I recommend having a round end timer so that the game doesn’t end up lasting 30 minutes waiting for a last man standing.


I feel like players shouldn’t have to purchase disasters. Instead of having currency when winning a round, players could be awarded disasters for winning. That way, people can more easily gain disasters. As for being the controller, I like the idea that a player gets to choose how the round turns out, as it makes it easy to have a unique experience.


We are including that. Rounds will be about 5 minutes.

I like that idea. I think that will replace the currency.

This seems cool, it would be epic if the cosmetics were different skins for the disasters such as a fire tornado, I would defiantly continuing developing it, this seems like an overall good idea.