Feedback on latest logo

Hello, I made this logo for practicing
I put dumb names to the images lol, chewbecca pls gimme dev egg launcher pls
I would like honest feedback on it


That’s a really nice logo. Just add some colored background and it’ll look perfect!

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looks good! however it appears blurry

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I don’t know how I feel about the 2 pizzas on each side… They look a lot like nachos to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what’s missing on your slices are the crust textures and the amount of cheese. The crust looks too similar to the rest of the pizza, and the cheese should go more towards the edges

other than that, its a pretty good logo!

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Everything is good except the pizzas. I think you might have to add some more textures into it. (Also, in your post, you spelled latest incorrectly)

Love the concept a bit a feedback.

Hello, I am PictureFolder and Graphic Designer, I specialize in UI and Logo Design.

Simulator should also be full caps and just like Pizza. Plus the border underneath is way to long.

Secondly, The pizza’s don’t really look like pizza’s and I’d only do one even overlapping maybe.

Here’s a extremely good tutorial and tips & tricks for Logo design. I extremely recommend you look into it!

Good job can’t wait to see ore work from you!

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It’s really good. However, there’s no background. Add one. It could be red and it could show semi-invisible pizza slices.

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• The font shadow is a bit too much.
• One slice of pizza is enough!

I like it! Just a personal note, make sure to line up the word simulator with pizza and maybe try a different way of showing the pizza. Symmetry makes the eye overlook your work, make the piece catch eyes by switching up the position of one of the pizzas.

The orange underneath is kind of weird, but I see what you’re trying to do.

As for the stroke, just make the strokes around the words and not engulf the word simulator, it will look a lot clearer. That being connected with the pizza stroke will look great!

Keep up the great work kevingamer1082! :slight_smile:

Thats because of the resolution, which is 2cm x 2cm in PNG which is a pixel layer

Oops sorry, I corrected it, Thank you for your feedback

Gonna be working on that!

Thank you for your feedback

Yeah, I tried to put some strokes on it, but I think with one stroke is enough
Thank for your feedback, I will try to fix that

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I missed to put the background lol
I will put one
Thanks for your feedback

Doesnt really look that good to me, really blurry and etc.

Thats not constructive feedback