Feedback on my hammer attack

Hello fellow developers! I recently made a hammer/axe model on blender (my first design ever so don’t mind how bad it is) and I wanted to script it, it’s not done yet I plan on making different animations every click like a combat system and blood effects if I have time, heres the video:

Anyways any feedback will be apprechiated and have an awesome day! ;D


The camera shake upon landing a hit is very energetic, but the movement of the axe doesn’t reflect it. Try making the axe move a bit faster and come at the target in a more horizontal position.
Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 4.53.17 PM
It may also help to make the attack knock the dummy backwards.


Really good work on the combat! In really every department honestly. The only thing I may change is livening the animation up (which isn’t necessary, just a suggestion) and make the blade hit the body. In your animation, it looks as though the top of the axe is what whacks them in the face, I would simply change it to where the actually blade interacts. But otherwise from that really good job!

camera shake is too strong, but hit isn’t … ? and he 's hitting it down > up he should hit it up > down because the blade isn’t touching the guy just the flat of the top of the axe. isn’t very realistic either and doesn’t match the walk animation style either.

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I feel like the camera is shaking a little too much. Also, you look like you are punching the dummy and happen to have the axe in your hand. One last tip, try to make the hit look less like a slap with the axe. Other than that, it’s not bad.

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make animation harder. Like try easing the moment it attacking

also, ur shaking is like an earthquake
you should read this:

also also

true :slight_smile:

Honestly looks great, just that the camera shakes a bit too much.

Add some bend in limbs. Looks good.

This is cool, but there are some things that make it look a tad bit unnatural.

The camera shake seems to be overdone for a simple Axe swing.
Possibly remove the camera shake all-in-all, or make it VERY slight.

Lastly, the area where the Axe is coming from seems a bit unnatural.
I would recommend watching some videos of professionals swinging an Axe towards a dummy or something. It’ll give you a really good idea of how it’s done properly!

Wish you the best of luck!

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Alright! Thank you everyone for your feedback, I changed the animation, reduced the camera shake and added a slight knockback, here’s the result:

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anim too slow but it is very improved now :slight_smile:

Looks so much better now, Good job!