Feedback on my Jungle so far?

Hey I just became a ‘New Member’ five minutes ago so please tell me if I am doing any of this wrong.
Also, I am not an experienced builder and the jungle I am working on is the only thing that looks ‘ok’.

So I am creating a game with multiple worlds you can visit, including the jungle I am working on right now.
I am in need of any feedback that can be given. (Also, I need strong criticism or else my building won’t improve.) I recommend putting the video in full screen to get all of the detail. Also, sorry for how long the video is. You will have to go to my channel because it it is .wmv

Video of what I have so-far I


Welcome to the DevForum!

Video is processing. Perhaps provide screenshots in the meantime?


sry about that it should be ready now.

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Well, it’s one of the nicest jungles I’ve seen in ROBLOX… So that’s a start! Have you considered adding a rain effect and more ground foliage, like bushes or more raised terrain? Jungles are often extremely hard to navigate so this build feels a little too open.


Yes I will definitely change that and thank you.

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Wow man this is really good,very awesome jungle. Just like Gravity said you can add some effects to it maybe add some monkeys up the tree or other animals. You decide to add in hope to see your final project soon!!


I would consider increasing the fog and making it a bit darker/greener. That could really help with what @Gravity_Defier was speaking about.


Minor Suggestion

Consider adding ferns around, because the ground seems too open to be a jungle.


That is a really nice looking jungle. Perhaps you could add some more trees and vines. It looks good nonetheless! Also, welcome to the DevForum!

I would suggest next time adding a link to your game rather than a video.

Firstly, the jungle itself appears to end abruptly. As well as this, there is very little terrain – hills, ravines, chasms, streams, and vegetation would make it much more lively. Making your buildings into ruins with ivy clinging to the stone would give it a much more ancient, dilapidated appearance and environment, especially with mounds of grass everywhere.

I’d use lighting (ambient and brightness) to make it more green-brown: cold, earthly colours. I would also add jungle sounds rather than techno music.

Good luck!


Thank you very much I will definitely add that and post a I was just showing what I have so far thats why it ends abruptly but I will go add some terrain

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This is easily (in my opinion) one of the best jungles in the platform. I think you should try adding some effects to enhance gameplay and to add some additional realism to this project. One of the things I’d suggest is this screen distortion rain which would be a really cool effect to add.


Thank you. I am currently working on it rn and I just finished the rain. I will most likely have the link to the game tomorrow with this section a little bit more complete. For being a new member since yesterday and getting all this support I just wanna say ‘Thank You’ to everyone!

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