Feedback on my Quick GFX render [Minimalistic]

A quick render which took just 10 mins! Hope you guys like it :3


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The GfX is good but I don’t think you’re allowed to link ‘carrd . co’ links. See rules here

This design looks really cool! I dont like the feet tho… its not straight planted to the floor its sideways-ish :sob:

Thank you! The legs… I positioned them like that on purpose.

I like it, the colours give it this sort of retro-ish feel, which is always nice to see; if you wanted some improvements, look at pose references, you could use google images for this as that’s what I tend to do, it’s a good reference point.

another point of criticism I would like to add in is that in order for this to stand out more, think of your composition, rule of thirds so to speak, whilst there’s contrast in this image, adding elements that make your focal point (in this case, the avatar) pop out more.

Also try to experiment with different camera angles, as that can also give drastic change to your artwork

overall, I like it, keep up the good work!

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