Feedback on my realistic game

Hello please give feedback if you have time for this project I am working on for a long time

I’ve finished terrain and models like roads its not time to add bobbling to camera or realistic anything
Would be fabulous with New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

edit: please dont ask for grass. I cannot add it because when I open grass the roads become grassy too


Could use trees and foliage (Grass decor in the terrain instance, for example). That bridge also looks like it’d be placed better in something like a city, so maybe add a few buildings.


This is a city, just a scene of road

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That’s Cool, But I Think You Must Add Grass, Tree, And More! :wink:


It’s recommended for me for you to add more physical features.

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Needs a more natural aspect. Try some other lighting settings try this Lighting Tutorial it is a bit bright so you may want to edit it a bit! Good start.

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I know a perfect realistic camera you can download to Roblox Studio. Click on this link for more information. Realism — Make your games feel more immersive! - Resources / Community Resources - Roblox Developer Forum

You should use Roblox’s grass decoration it adds a lot to the world.

Needs some grassy grass, overall good job! :wink:

Hello! I think it is great, but these are my suggestions.


If I was you, I would go to the terrain properties and click decorations.

Change the transparency for the water and refectlance.


You did very well making it!

Well done! :clap:

Multiple things.

  • Smoothening terrain
    The terrain you have currently is really rough and rigid. Real-life terrain is smooth. I suggest smoothening your terrain.

  • Fixing sun-rays
    The sun is too orange, and the sun-rays are too intense. The sky is fine, but it doesn’t blend well with the awful color of the sun. I suggest changing the TimeOfDay in Lighting so that the sun has more of a peach color, and then messing with ColorShift_Top to match the sun’s color. Also, ease on the sun-rays’ intensity.

  • Mess with ColorCorrection/Atmosphere
    You’d be surprised how much you can do with ColorCorrection. I suggest you play around with it a little and see how that works for you.

If you need to, take my build for reference.



Looks good so far! Some bushes, trees and some flowers would definetly help you improve the landscape. Also about the grass part. If you still want to use it, open terrain editor and use the brush tool. Select a material that is not grass, like leafy grass or mud and hold click whereever the road is grassy at. This will remove the grass on the roads, floors and etc.

Did you use Studio Feature? (Decorations)

Well, If you won’t the road becomes grassy Then Paint The Terrain.

That’s very awesome (The Screenshot)

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It’s looks good, but the terrain is pretty bland. Consider adding taller grass, trees, rocks, etc.

May I ask, How were you able to opt into this?

I replied my place id like others did, but If you want to apply be quick only 4 months left

Interesting, Im guessing because you have a programmer role you got it since I haven’t yet even though I replied it like a couple of hours after the post went live

Here’s a tip, under the roads add leafy grass and enable decoration grass. The fancy grass won’t be on the leafy grass.

the terrain is very roblox like. You need to use sculpt in blender or something.