Feedback on my recent kitchen build?

Hey Dev Forum members! I’ve recently said what the heck let’s give this a go again. So, I’ve been building today. This is my first creation as I’ve been back. Before I quit, I had maybe built for 1.5 months? Feed back would be greatly appreciated!

The counters don’t really feel right to me though, I can’t find a color that matches. Maybe you can also help me with that?

Have a great day!


I think it looks good for 1.5 months of building prior. Some suggestions I would add is maybe to add an accent to the one wood part in the middle of the five upper cabinets (e.g change it to a gray colour with a stone texture). As for the coloured counters, you can find color palettes with other websites but if you don’t want to go through the trouble of that, you can always change the texture or transparency to make it ‘pop’ (e.g make transparency a 0.3 ish so it looks like tainted glass). Nothing big but good job overall!

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Thank you! Can you tell me where I may find textures and how to apply them?

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Lighting should be implemented at the start everything seems a bit dull and dark consider improving the lighting so we can get a good look at everything if you don’t mind?

From what I can see in the image add an oven in the middle of the counter because it will match the standard in kitchens, or if you want consider removing half of the counter in the middle giving some space to put an oven there or one added to the middle counter well do.

I’d change the shelve color so that it matches with the overall color scheme and bottom try to resize the shelve handles make them a bit smaller so they won’t be to noticeable on each end.

Finding a color pallet could be easy you should try looking at existing images or the one that’s in your own home. The fridge handles should be curved looking making it look more like you can put your hand around it and pull it open would normally be a double door. Also it’s unappealing to see the place dark making the lighting pop more could give it that natural effect do you have that already planned out?


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Ah thank you for the tips I’ve made it a little lighter!

Color pallets are kinda hard for me to implement though, thanks for your tips!


You can utilize the materials that studio offers or check out the many topics on the forum about specular and realistic textures. You can make your own textures on blender or search the forum. Here is one that I like to refer to: How to make a normal map effect

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I honestly love it. I think the dark blue hue perfectly matches the atmosphere. You’re only one and a half months in and you’re already creating amazing things. I will also note how you made the blinds, I’ll have to use that technique later.

A few suggestions, though, is to remove this triangle:


As it looks out of place. As for adding textures, you can really just make a decal, and then cut off part of it with a union to create a nice and simple texture.

The lighter version looks very nice. Besides still having that odd triangle:


It looks pretty solid. And if you’re looking for a good color palette website check out:

Coolors, Colormind, Paletton, and Canva.

Haven’t really used the last three, but I’ve used the first one a lot. You can choose between RGB or CMYK, convert the two, and find good colors that match with existing ones.

The fridge to the right looks very similar to a cabinet, and should probably be altered. Also consider making the box to the right, which I presume is an oven, more recognizeable.

Lastly, consider adding appliances.

Really good job though. Stay safe. :mask:

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It looks a little better however your materials and colors are all over the place I can see it’s hard to choose the right color scheme for your kitchen I would definitely suggest using for color palletes to help with this it might give you the colors that’ll match with the overall structure of the place even the ones that have been suggested above.

Also, I think I’d decrease the amount of wood try to keep the wood material or mix different materials in each other keeping that effect your wanting to get. The fridge should have a grey-ish silver material or color you could look at images to get the correct colors to match above the image that is attached could give you an idea may also make it look less empty.


Looks pretty good.

I find it kind of weird how the cabinet is the same material as the walls though, also I’d add a nice tile backsplash to give it some more color and appeal.

Overall, I really like this and I love the details.
Good job!

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