Feedback on my ui

look for some feedback on this


Want the UI?

here u go:
Uidesign.rbxl (24.1 KB)


Looks clean and simple, I like it! Although some of the text seems to be off center.

thank you for the feedback, I’ll be redoing it with the text more centered.

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It looks nice, although you may want to create a more consistent padding on the inside of your frames.

The spacing between the text and the border of the top frame should be the same as the spacing between the text and the border of the bottom frame.


You should also follow the brand guidelines for displaying Robux.

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Hi @Samphirez, I love the UI. It looks good, I love the design it looks like it belongs somewhere on a simulator or a shop type system with their ingame credit or money system, although I did notice two things.

Off Centered Text
On both of the screenshots provided, it looks off centered, but that could easily be fixed.

On the first screenshot provided, I saw that the icons looked out of place. I would suggest adding something similar like the grey onto it.

Other than all that I notice, it looks good and hope to see it used one day!

This is a nice UI but it’s basic to me. Still good Job though :slight_smile:

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Put a rounded dark gray around the entire GUI on the first screenshot, it’ll make it look 1000x better.

icons are there for the future I will use them for the leaderboard