Feedback on my Vibe game!

Hi! I made a post like this a while ago. Now I have added more cool things to my vibe game I have been working on!
I do have sitting animations, but they are not loading at the moment - this has to do with permissions. Im trying to fix that :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be great!


It’s pretty good, I like it. But when you sit on a specific chair, it shows that the seat has been placed higher than it should’ve. Aside from that, it’s pretty good. Good graphics, nice building and it gives off a chill vibe.
Glitched chair:

Edit: These lamps should produce a little more light:image


Yes, with the chairs, they would be working fine if the animations worked e.e
If the animations loaded, it would not look like you were floating.

That wasn’t my point, though, all of the chairs except for that one work perfectly fine, you must’ve misplaced that one seat.

Wow!! You did an amazing job! I love everything about this build! The lighting & rain definitely tied everything together so nicely!
Seriously, great job! Keep up the incredible work!!

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Maybe change your walls from brick to concrete. Personally I do not think brick sets the proper aesthetic for Vibe buildings. Typically people would use concrete of wood, but that all depends on preference.

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It’s very nice, and it has a lot of potential. You can make it first person, and put a small cursor (I know the Hyperlink says ‘Horror Game Cursor’, but it’s just a small dot) The cursor would give it more realism. You can also lower the jump, to where you won’t spring into the air. It’d make the players more relaxed. Other than that, you really just need the animations to load, and fix the seats.

Just one question, how did you make the Televisions animated? I’ve been wondering how people did it for so long! (If there is a link, that’d be fine.)


Thanks for reading!

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They probably used spritesheets in order to create that effect.

no, that one chair needs to be up there for the animation I have made for it :slight_smile: Hopefully I can get the animations to work soon so it does not stay like that!

I use the beam feature in Studio and set the texture ID to the image I want :slight_smile: