Feedback on my work in progress house

So, I have decided to make a story game and commit to it, I have recently started, I started yesterday. I’ve got the terrain done, the road and tunnels, waterfall, and the start of the floor for the house. I’d like some feedback of how it looks so far. Please keep in mind, i’m not that skilled at building!


Tunnels and road. (Yup they are free models, but i’ll get rid of them later.)


Base of the house

Whole map view


Any feedback would be amazing! I’d like to point out that I will be working on it everyday for at least a hour!


Aside from the odd visual effects(random blurring/sharpening), I think this looks pretty good for a start on the terrain. Keep it up! :smiley:


It’s meant to look a little realistic, first the lighting looked plain so I upped the color correction. For the blur, it’s meant to make it realistic too, if there’s barley any blur, it just looks plain and boring!

Ah, I see. I think if you were to fill the map out more and then try it, it would look better since there would be more to look at. Try playing with the blur a bit more. It feels weird trying to look directly at something that’s blurry when the human eye sees best wherever it’s directly looking at. I hope this helps!

Okay! But what do you mean fill the map out? Like put more trees?

Yeah, adding some plant life like trees or bushes would help fill it out a lot. Also consider what would be relevant to the storyline in your game. By filling out the map with various buildings, props and effects you can make a better looking and more immersive map.

Okay! Thanks for the feedback! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re looking for realism, this tutorial can be helpful

This game, on the other hand, does a criticism of common roblox games with no real innovation, it says that story games tend to be repetitive and boring, but they mostly mean to those who make story games in quantity instead of quality (like that one roblox group with thousands of repetitive story games). Even for a bit of information, it could give you a bit of understanding of what some people’s thoughts are on roblox story games.

For me, personally, I’d say it’s looking ok. I’d recommend that you use references. I mean it as in look for images about what you want to do, what things look similar to what you want to get, and use it as a reference for your project. Need to make a waterfall but don’t know how they look? just look for waterfalls and try to replicate it. Want to make a deserted place? look for the sahara, a desert, a savanna, or the places in nevada. Whatever serves as info for your game will work. Not having references is like predicting the future without knowing what’s happening in the present: unless that you’re extremelly skilled on it, you need to have a bit of resources for that matter… Ah, and there’s many artists who like creating buildings, you could take inspiration from them…

PS: nice username, mangowatermelon100

Wow, nice, thanks for the feedback!

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I would say that it is a fairly small area to work with! You might want to expand size if you want to keep players engaged. It is recommended especially when its a story to make it longer to tie in with your script if that makes sense.

Oh, its just the house, I have more area, I just didn’t set up yet!

Kinda like this? Its a sunset!

@baitem you need to see this…

Pretty nice, but I don’t really like the blur, it kind of hurts my eyes. Don’t know how it gives effect since I can’t see anything clearly, but from what I see it looks nice :+1:

Okay, i’ll turn the blur down a bit, its a sunset, so its reasonable to have some blur thou!

Hmm, it looks fine for now, but one thing that bothers me is the waterfall. What you could do is this:

Place some water terrain behind the waterfall to make it look like there’s water going down the waterfall, not just like there’s light going down the waterfall.

P.S: Light falls are a thing, it was shown off at an art show a few years back.

I sound dumb, but what is light falls? Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

They’re like waterfallls, but instead of water, they’re light.

? Okay? Thanks for the feedback thou!