Feedback on my work

Hey guys this is a low poly house i did please rate and give me critics.


I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since you’re looking for general feedback.

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Maybe title your topic differently.

It is quite blocky. Unless that’s what you’re going for. I do like the extra bits you have on the roof, but how do you get to the roof? It’s an okay build. Well done.

It was mainly just an exterior build was not focusing on interior

Yes, the exterior is pretty good. However, it is a bit strange when there’s a ladder to the roof when you can’t get to the ladder.

Well, it is nicely designed but are you using this as a real home for players? If yes than take a photo from indoor view.

It’s a decent build however I would recommend removing the (rate) from your post so others are aware.

With the building having a more of a blocky feel to it, I would try giving the window stools to have a more unique shape to it as they seem to be extremely flat and don’t really hold that much detail to it, maybe try adding a block sized to the window instead of having the width look too long I’ll leave an image below to see what I’m talking about.

Maybe add some bricks on the walls/corners, if it’s needed, but don’t make it repeating the same shape. To give it a more polished look, I’d recommend adding other shapes instead of a sort of blocky look, however if that’s what you’re going for I’ll ignore that suggestion. Yes, it does need some work, but it would really make your build look good!

Other than that, I like the design of it.


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Oh ok i see what you mean, yh i will add those features you said but also i only copied a reference picture i saw

Yh its not a home for real players, its mainly just a practice build