Feedback on new game Time Critters

Absurd Studios is currently working on their first game Time Critters. The game is only in the early phases of development but an early version of the game has been released. You can play it here.
(2) Time Critters - Roblox
You can see our progress so far and all the progress we make in the future.
Please give feedback and ideas and if you want to help with the game just ask.
thank you for reading


All together it’s a nice game.

Nice building and nice UI, one problem is that I honestly don’t exactly know what to do in this game, it’s quite confusing to a new player, so maybe add a tutorial or something that tells a new player what to do.
Also, maybe add some tweening to the UI, other than that I think it’s a nice game and I like the color scheme for the UI


I’m not going to give the generic “it needs improvement”.

This game is a HOT MESS.

Nothing works, the UI is broken.
90% of the game is free models
and nothing even works.

0/10 from me, sorry

Theres nothing there to do. The astrosphere looks nice and lowpoly but there’s nothing to do (or at least I have no idea what to do). It seemed that some of the stuff in the game was a free model which I’m not criticizing but it would be better if you made them. Otherwise it looks nice.

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It’s actually a pretty nice game! I like how there are quests to do, like knocking on doors. It’s surprisingly fun. Keep up the good work!

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In the future when there are more quests and everything is finished there will be a tutorial

The UI is not finished yet and the game is only just being started everything will work soon

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In the future there will be quests and lots of roleplaying and adventure aspects for example we are currently working on a house plot system

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You cant ask people to rate a game that you do nothing in

I am the lead programmer and UI designer for Time Critters.

Thank you for leaving your feedback on the game. I just wanted to respond to some of the feedback/criticism that you left on our game.

The game is in really early development stages which is why there isn’t really anything to do.

I have talked to Jess about this on Discord and have made the game private for the time being.

Not true. I can confirm that the game is not 90% free models. There are 3 builders on our team and they did not use any free models. There were some free models that I put there as placeholders so I could test some gameplay mechanics.

Did we ever ask you to rate our game? The post said give us feedback, not to rate the game as “rate my creation” topics are against the rules of the forum.

The UI is not broken. I just tested the UI and it works 100% as intended, no errors in dev console. Some parts of the UI are not scripted yet so that is why it might seem to be “broken”

That was actually a placeholder/testing quest that I made for testing purposes but I am considering keeping it in the game when it releases.

The game is pretty far from being complete so that it why there isn’t really anything to do.

There were a couple of free models that I put in as placeholders so I could test some mechanics of the game since I am not very good at building.

Will definitely add a tutorial when the game releases.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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As Elijah and Jess said, the game is in early development. The game theme which is time travelling hasn’t been implemented yet. This is just the starter map, where players will spawn.

Most of the GUIs work, but some of them haven’t been set up yet, such as the settings.

No one is using free models, so unless you’re just being toxic, I’m not sure where you got that from. Calling it a hot mess is harsh.

Thank you for your feedback though, and we will take into consideration, any issues.

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