Feedback on second GFX (ft. pig121343)

Hey guys!

So yesterday, I made my first GFX. Today, I added in my best friend, pig121343!

Could I get some feedback?


It looks really good, but I have a few suggestions. To begin with, I feel as if the background is too empty. It definitely works because it puts emphasis on the characters, so take this with a grain of salt.

The only other thing I noticed is the overlapping parts. It’s difficult to avoid this when using Roblox avatars, but in some places it draws attention:
On this one the lines make it stand out a bit:

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Looks good, but I think you need a rig instead of posing it in studio. If you did use a rig, you should use the Paint3D rig. Watch this video to help you -

Also, you should make a more dynamic background. Plain blue isn’t that interesting. Great job!

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I used blender with this rig plugin: Blender rig exporter/animation importer

It looks pretty good, the lighting is spot on and all but, my only suggestion is maybe use a more unique or detailed background.

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