Feedback on this FPS Framework

Hi I have been working on a FPS Framework in the past few days and I would like to get a feedback. This framework currently doesn’t have a reload system but i will add it soon.
This game currently supports access for computer and mobile.
What do you think I could improve? (The weapon models haven’t been made by me because i can’t even model a cube lol)

(The access to the game will end at 19:00 UTC as today me and my group are hosting a testing session).

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It’s pretty basic IMO. For example, no bobble (walking should make the arms move side-to-side), no sway (the arms should move a tiny bit to where the player is turning, to make it feel more natural), and the recoil just moves the gun up and down, which doesn’t look that great especially when you’re scoped in with the AK. I suggest you look at this tutorial which shows how you implement these things

Also, I’m a bit confused about why there’s a prompt saying I can join the “Dev realm”, yet when I press J is says I can’t join.

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Thanks for the feedback!

This is already implemented. Should i make it more evident?

Ahh right that was for the other developers of the game to keep testing without shutting down the main game if someone was playing it.