Feedback on Trailer for New Roblox Game!

Hey Roblox Devs,
I’m Invictus Prime, and my dev team Invictus Studios and I have been hard at work on a new sci-fi open-world RPG. I have just cooked up a trailer using actual in-game footage and Adobe Premiere Pro (It’s my first time using it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)
I would appreciate any feedback on both the game and the trailer, and I would always be willing to hear how I could improve!


Gonna be 100% honest w/ you. It feels really low quality.
The one part that kinda peeved me is the camera movement, it felt like you were just moving really fast in studio. If I were you, I would either get one of those cutscene editors, or the cinematic camera plugin for studio. This could help for more high-quality shots. As for the editing; it’s mediocre. Nothing special about it, nor nothing terrible about it.
Hope I wasn’t too harsh on you, I also understand you’re completely new to premiere.

Take care!

Absolutely! That was not harsh at all, and I really appreciate your honesty! Thanks a lot for recommending me the plugin, and I will surely keep that in mind for when I have to make another trailer, a bit closer to release. When I was editing, I too noticed the crappy camera movement, especially during the beginning portions, but I didn’t really pay attention to it that much as I believed it was a small detail. Now that you have brought it up, I will make sure to put more attention to little details such as this next time

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some constructive criticism!
You take care as well!


I wish you improved on the choice of font, it is a little hard to read.

It looks nice, but it needs a lot of improvement.

Instead of using the default camera movement in studio, I recommend you to use a cutscene plugin, or set the players camera position to a part, and tween it.
The graphics weren’t too good either during the first half of the trailer, so maybe add some more lighting effects and improve the water quality. Also, I think it would look better if the text fades out instead of just disappearing. When the gameplay starts in the trailer, maybe add intense sci-fi music, instead of just background ambience. I like the font, I think it suits the trailer well. The map looks amazing too.

Overall, you did a really good job for your first time using Adobe premier pro. :smile:

Good luck on your game!

I personally think that this trailer is AMAZING. You put the main aspect of your game in the trailer, you had a cool beginning and you have different sounds throughout the entire trailer. Great Job!!!

The game looks good. I’d show your scenery a different way, other than the camera flying through it. Then change the font and adjust the timing a little. It’s similar to EA games trailers but kind of off. Also a title card at the end would look good with logo, platforms and potential rating.

Capture_nest, thanks for your feedback on the font! I will keep readability in mind next time I choose a font.
N3bulaa, thanks for emphasizing the importance of not using the default camera movement :grinning: It really says something when two professionals point out the same problem. I tried to add some blasting trumpet fanfare at the end gameplay portions, but it looks like it doesn’t reach the desired effect due to your comments. And, as always, thank you for your good luck wishes and your compliments.
Blah_Waaa, thanks for the support! Your compliments mean a lot to me, and I appreciate your liking of my video!
sinteractive, I’m glad you appreciate the aesthetic of our game! I would definitely look into the font, since two people mentioned it already, I was initially going for an “Anthem” type vibe, as bad as that game is lol. Also, for the title card, I 100% agree with you, just don’t have a logo in the meantime.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
Not tagging you guys in the reply so you don’t get annoyed by my pings :grinning:

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The video is very well done overall and I only suggest that you make the end slightly longer. So people can actually see the release date instead of having to go back and pause it.