Feedback on UI design

Hi everyone, recently I was working on this UIs and I want to get some feedback!


Woah that’s cool!
Did you use a UI module for that? If so, which one?

Nope, everything was scripted by me and designed by me.

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Do you have any tips on starting to UI design?

Looks pretty good, though I think the clicks are really loud. Also, the animations go pretty fast, which isn’t bad, but in my opinion, fast animations don’t look. Slow it down, as you don’t want it to look like it’s snapping into place. It should seamlessly transition to its position.

Good efforts!

Yes! When you build a game you need to know 5 things.

-The theme of the game.
-What are the colors/design: If it’s a combat game then you need a combat game UI design. If the buildings colors are grey then the UIs’d be grey to match it with the game. Make sure your design is clean and not having stuff that is not related to the game.
-Creativity tries to make stuff that no one has seen.
-How to tween Frames, etc.
-To make good uis it’d take up to 5 hours even days!

It’d help you!
Guidance and Tutorials on UI/GUI Elements - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

Yes, I changed the click sound voice, it won’t be loud anymore. Thanks for the feedback!

You made that all in ROBLOX studio?

That’s really good! I personally would’ve moved the UIs to the left, but it looks amazing anyways! Keep up the good work!

It’s really good! I love how when you hover the mouse over it they move, It’s a nice touch to it.

Photopea and some in Roblox studio.

howd u make it so good???