[FEEDBACK] Simple Thumbnail

Hello, I would like to share a picture and I would like a little review on it where possible. I’m getting into GFX again. What would the price range of a standard thumbnail like this be in R$ or USD? Thank you for reading and I hope you could take some time to give it a little review. :slight_smile:


It has a clean and simple style, i like it. I would pay about 200 to 300 for that.

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I love it, it is very simplistic yet very modern, I love the choice of colors and I really like the fact that you have added a somewhat transparent black & white image to the background. I also like the yellow part at the top left side of the image. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Make the yellow part slightly larger
  • The white line in the yellow part is a bit pixilated
  • Could add some kind of background image on the left, maybe a few examples of work, you could also make it slightly transparent and black & white.

Very nice! Looks so cooooool!10/10!

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Thank you for your review! I agree on making the part larger and will definitely do that, thank you. The white line indeed looks pixilated, I exported it into a PNG, kind of stupid, I should’ve posted a JPEG but whatever. I like your idea about another imagine on the left, so it fills up. Thanks a lot for your review and will definitely make sure to use it in my next revision. :grinning: