Feedback Wanted: AI Designer for UI's

Hi Developers! Wishing you an amazing rest of your night as I’m writing this. :sleeping::crescent_moon:

We’re working on a new plugin for Roblox Studio called AI Designer . It uses AI to help you create user interfaces (UIs) for your games.

The goal? To make UI design easier and faster, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

Here’s the catch (well, kind of): AI Designer is still under development, and that’s where YOU come in!

We Need Your Feedback!

What features would make AI Designer an essential part of your Roblox development workflow?

Don't miss out! Watch the Plugin work in action here 👉

A Sneak Peek (But Keep in Mind!)

The video included is a brief demonstration of the AI Designer concept. While the UI designs you see are intentionally basic, * the AI’s capabilities truly shine with more detailed descriptions! The bigger and more specific your description, the more impressive and accurate the AI’s suggestions will be.

(VIDEO) TEST 1: Create a menu where I can report bad people to Admins! :rage:

TEST 2: Create an UI for my modeled car, with speed and gasoline.

TEST 3: Make a UI asking for donations.


Looks pretty neat I would use this for making a quick placeholder ui but although Im no UI designer I wouldn’t use them for my game since the style isnt what I want. (im making a rogue-like game)

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This looks really cool, and will be very helpful to developers who don’t really know how to make UI, this will be the basics for them, and will help people alot and save time.

This is a really cool idea, and I it looks so cool and effective!

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Hey there urgentnotice! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course! The videos shown above were meant to be basic, as the plugin is supposed to have more abilities & control as we update it, so it can create great UI Designs. :slightly_smiling_face:

This plugin was made for the following audiences:

  • People getting started out at UI Designing
  • People that are looking to save their budget
  • People that want to get started with Templates made by AI.
  • People that are looking for ideas to create their next design.

As they can customize their UI as they talk with AI. :+1:

Thanks for your feedback again! Have a incredible rest of your night!

Hey there tysyaka! Thanks for your feedback. We’d like to become useful, helpful and a personal plugin to those who don’t know how to create UI Designs. :heart:

AI is improving! Very excited for the progress and the speed it’s learning at.

Update: Everything you need to know

The AI Designer has become even better at creating the UIs that developers need daily. Today, I was in a rush and needed a UI quickly but didn’t have any designs on hand. Time was running out, so I decided to give my AI plugin another try.

  1. Today, I needed a UI for one of my modeled cars, but I was out of design ideas and short on time. I decided to give my AI plugin another shot.
  2. I was amazed by the design it produced! Considering it’s a new AI, I didn’t expect it to understand the specifics of what I needed.

Here are some screenshots of the UI it created: