Fervent - Alliance Information

Alliance Information
Here at Fervent, we have an incredible amount of alliances. We’ve created this document for those who are interested in partnering with Fervent. This document is compiled with our requirements, the application, and general information.

Greetings! Welcome to Fervent! We’re so delighted to see that you’re interested in forming an alliance with Fervent. We’ve created this document for those who are interested in partnering with our group.

What we expect of you
Being a Business Partner of Fervent has responsibilities. We expect you to announce our events, applications, and general important announcements. If your allied representatives cannot partake in this, then we may have to cancel the affiliation.

Becoming an alliance with Fervent has its perks. If you’re an allied representative, you will receive the rank ‘Business Partner’ in the group and Discord server. It’s a requirement to be in the Discord server, but not for the group. Our Business Partners are allied representatives of Fervent’s alliances. You will be respected as we wouldn’t be where we were today without you. Message a corporate member in the Public Relations Department if you are an allied representative to receive your roles.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner with Fervent, you must follow our rules and guidelines.

Your group must have a minimum of at least 40 members before sending an application.

You must have at least two representatives in the Fervent Discord server.

Your group must have a fairly active discord server, and it must be professional.

Your group must announce our events and anything we ask for you to announce regarding Fervent.

Alliance Application

Interested in becoming an alliance with Fervent? Well, you’re in the right place! We welcome you to a cafe group that not only serves drinks, but also an inordinate place to interact with others. Our staff work diligently to serve you the foremost drinks and food. Moreover, we aim to make our customers who take their time to visit us feel welcomed and make your visit candidly noteworthy.

Please submit your application to a member of the Public Relations Department or a Vice President+ to look it over.

What is the name of your group?

How many members does your group have? (Must have at least 40 members)

Below, please link your group and discord server.

How will your group benefit Fervent?

How can Fervent benefit your group?

What is the goal of your group?

Whom are the two representatives that will be representing your group? Please include ROBLOX usernames and Discord tags.

Please do not bug us about your application, it will be read momentarily and you will be messaged privately for results.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerventRBLX

Last updated: 6/29/20