Fervent - Rules and Guidelines

Here at Fervent, we strive to be one of the best cafes out there. To fulfill your experience here, we must lay down some rules and guidelines for you all to follow. We welcome you to our cafe group that not only serves drinks, but also an inordinate place to interact with others. Our staff work diligently to serve you the foremost drinks and food. Moreover, we aim to make our customers who take their time to visit us feel welcomed and make your visit candidly noteworthy.


  • Respect everyone within the server, group and game. We don’t want anybody feeling disrespected, as it’s unappreciated. You will be warned or worse depending on the severity of it. If you continue, you will face a kick or even a ban.


  • As a member of Fervent, it is important that you wear appropriate attire. Wearing inappropriate attire is strictly prohibited. You will be banned or permanently banned depending on the severity. Fervent is aimed towards younger audiences, and we want to maintain a safe, happy and fun community to give everyone one of the best experiences ever.


  • We do not condone bypassing in the game. You will be dealt with accordingly if you cannot respect or abide by this rule.


  • Spamming and copypasta is strictly prohibited. If you only came here with the intentions of making Fervent feel unwelcomed, you will be banned or permanently banned depending on the severity.


  • Trolling is not allowed whatsoever on Fervent’s premises. It’s unacceptable, and you will be permanently banned if you troll with no warning.


  • We don’t want any drama or toxicity here, it’s our job to keep the server and group safe and healthy. We want to maintain a fun workplace for the community. Drama and toxicity will not do it and you will be dealt with accordingly.


  • Advertising in any of our games is strictly prohibited. If reported, you will be banned from Fervent. This also includes advertising within our Discord server and in direct messages. We do not condone advertising whatsoever.


  • You should know by now that exploiting is not allowed whatsoever. If caught exploiting, you will be banned without appeal.


  • Use your common sense. It’s not hard. Even if we don’t have a certain rule labeled here, it doesn’t mean that you can bypass it. Follow Roblox’s Terms of Service or there will be consequences.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerventRBLX

Last updated: 6/29/20