Firebase question

When sending Data on :SetAsync(). Can Firebase read off of a table. For example

local banInfo = {
["Reason"] = Reason;
["Start"] = Start;
["End"] = End;

Database:SetAsync(key, banInfo)

Would this also be the same for GetAsync()?

You’ll need to give a lot more context with your question.

Firebase is a third party service that doesn’t natively integrate with Roblox.

SetAsync as a method is only natively under the DataStore service, which is nothing to do with Firebase.

Either the question is relating to a module that has similarly named methods written by someone - in which case, ask the module creator for help with their module, or post the module code here for others to read and help

Or you are confusing Firebase with DataStores, in which case I’m not sure what your question is about reading off a table.

If you can provide as much information as possible hopefully we can work out what you’re after :slight_smile:

When using a database, I believe firebase could read off a table however as someone said you are confusing DataStoreService.

Try this tutorial:

My question isn’t related to a creators module as I’m using my own. My question in a more clear state is, can tables from roblox be used to post data?

I am not using DataStoreService, but thanks for the link.

I believe you’re using HttpService, They can be sent through it, you just need to JSONEncode it and pass the data table to the data argument of PostAsync method.

The reason for us believing that you are confusing DataStores is because you are using SetAsync(), which is what datastore uses.

SetAsync is a function. I am asking if its possible to post a data table over a function.

You can send anything to a function - the issue will only ever come from what you do with it inside the function you sent it to, and you’ve not included any of the code from your module so we can’t tell you whether it’ll work or not for your case.

Sorry for everyone that’s confused I kept calling the function by it’s name and not explaining what it does. Basically it works like DSS, key, data. It finds the key in the storage and posts the data into that key slot.

Let’s say I have 4 slots of data, instead of doing

SetAsync(key, data1)
SetAsync(key, data2)
SetAsync(key, data3)

Am I able to place all the data’s in a table and then post the table example:

Local Data = {
Data1 = xyz;
Data2 = xyy;


Did a bit of digging through YouTube and the firebase API turns out it supports reading tables.

Hey bro iam using firebase on my game, Tutorial how to use firebase, Clear and Simple bassicaly to read you need use HttpService:JSONEncode, look the tutorial, is prettry clean and simple.

My system is a tinsy bit more complex than yours but thanks for sharing.