First Blender Animations: AKM (Feedback)

Hello, I animated an AKM for my game after fully deciding to switch to blender. I’ve done a ton of animation before, and I’m usually able to make my animations look like blender just by using moon animator, but what really made me want to switch to blender was the fact that it has a graph editor, which gives you complete control over easing. It’s really far better in every way, just that it may be a bit hard to learn

I know for a fact these can be a lot better and are far from my potential, these anims are just me getting the hang of blender

AKM: High recoil, relatively slower firerate, compensates with higher damage


Looks good for a first animation. However I’d use Motor6D for recoils instead of animations but both will work.

And one question, can blender export animations for roblox?

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If you dont mind me asking, what do you mean by motor6D’s for recoils? The actual recoiling of the camera is done by my gun system, but ig i make it visible with the animations as well

I only use Motor6Ds to rig the parts together

And to answer your question, yeah:
check here.

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If you want to show recoil effect in arms and gun, I’d use Motor6D, that’s what I meant. I’ve seen this in other people and it looked kinda cool.