First Ever UI Design

Good day!

I would like to ask people’s opinions about my first ever UI I made in under 1 hour after just realizing that ScreenGUI section even exists. I’m looking forward reading all your feedbacks and trying my best to improve it!

This game does not actually exist, I just made it up for a theme.


I think there is to much writing, try shortening or removing the descriptions of each ‘gamemode’ and re locate them somewhere else.

Hey, for a first defiant this looks pretty good not gonna lie. But as lawnm said, you should try to shorten some of the text if you can. If you can’t then I’d definitely try to break it up more and add maybe another box so it’s not so cluttered. You should also check this out: RichText [Live] - this will show you how to do some cool things with your text (bold, italics, underline, etc.) I also noticed the purple bar on top of the boxes changes color, is that to match the background? You might wanna consider keeping a universal color and it might look cleaner, because on the far right it looks like there isn’t even one there. Other than that, looks good. Hope this helped!

This is nice! I think that many users may just ignore all of it with all of that writing. If you want me to be honest with you, a majority of Roblox players aren’t interested in reading half a book just to get into a game. The UI design itself is really nice and I love the theme and color, but I suggest having less writing, it makes it look somewhat confusing and more boring than it actually is. Also, If you want to make everything pop tt a bit more, you should round the boxes a bit more instead of them being just regular boxes. Wonderful job, though!!!

Hi, so first off nice job on the UI, here’s my criticism on it. Much like what everyone else has said, there is too much text. Aside from that, the overall UI looks good for something done under an hour. I think it would be more easier to read or appear to be less writing if you add somewhat of a divider between the titles and texts. For example I will use the “Development News” section, you could make that text bold (if there is a bolt option available) or if not add a thin line below it. I personally would find it better and make things look less clumped up together.

Furthermore, another thing that could be added is, since this is about dreaming, is some clouds in the bottom right area. This would serve as somewhat of a space filler so it doesn’t look like open unused space. Also, like @Jacko_Korbius said, you should try to pick a universal color rather than have multiple shades of a color.

Overall nice job on the UI.

Hi @wisenful. I like your ScreenGUI. This looks amazing, keep up the good work.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try my best to make less reading for the players as I see that people do not like that. Appreciate the idea of making the text bold or adding lines below them!