First map/arena I made for my game

I created a “hell/doom inspired” arena for my upcoming shooter game. I am quite new to building and would love some feedback. The goal was to create something the player could move around quickly in whilst fighting enemies.

The game:

This map is in NO WAY permanent and is only going to exist during the development of the game for my testers.

Feel free to rip into this with criticism, tell me everything wrong with it so I can improve.


Are you serious?? This is amazing! You have done an absolutely astounding job for a newer builder! This looks INSANE, and is great! You are very talented; I love this. Good job! :smiley:


This is a MASTERPIECE! I love every part about it!


Woah, that looks wonderful and I mean it, especially for someone who is just getting into building! My only suggestions include:

Besides the suggestions above, you did fantastically and I’m loving it already!


Thank you for the source, though I don’t think I want to add so many effects that it distracts the player in combat, this will be very useful!

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Showcase level building quality. My issue is the 1.0 bodies aren’t necessarily consistent with the style of the map, maybe try replacing them with realistic ones