First Simulator Map

I just finished my first simulator map and now I want feedback on it!

Give whatever feedback you want.


this is stolen from robuilder, you just added a bottom.

the trees and borders could be improved.
you could do better,


for your first map, pretty good.



I used a kit that I saw in a post on the dev forums.


thats not good for your first impressions tho bro.
we all start bad. but kits are a bad impression.

watch some tutorials. in no time. you can make something like my asset pack:
i believe in you. thanks for being truthful tho.

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It looks good, but I think you should resize the models and make them smaller. To me some objects look a bit too big.


The suggestion regarding asset sizes is perfectly valid; for example:


I would strongly recommend you use a rig to better scale objects in your maps. I made a small tutorial a while ago for somebody in #help-and-feedback:building-support which may be of use to you. You can find that here.

There’s a few other minor points of improvement I noticed:

  • You can walk on the water in the fountain. The fountain itself has quite a weird texture, and some water is visibly clipping through the side.
  • The cliffs and the trees are a little spammy; I would advise you add some variance between these (e.g. by changing the shapes, sizes, and colours).
  • The shop does not look very appealing; I would strongly suggest you build with a reference image so you get a better idea of what you can do to aesthetically improve your work.
  • There are noticeable alignment errors in the path.
  • The ‘Eggs’ area and the portals are of significantly greater quality than the rest of the work. It’s important to achieve a balance of quality between elements of a game to ensure individual assets blend well together.
  • Some of the trees are also unintentionally rotated:



Thanks for all the ideas I’ll work on that soon.