First ui design

UI design for my game, have never really tried making a detailed UI. I used illustrator to make some base shapes, one thing I’ve notice is that there’s a black outline although it’s not very noticeable. Please give me feedback.


Personally I think it’s okay, just increase the border of the black outline so it’s thin and barely seeable. This looks pretty good and doesn’t really need anything changed about it though.

I mean the black outline was unintentional it’s a bag causes by roblox rendering the image or something on that line.

Oh ok. Apologies for the mistake.

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If you don’t want the black outline, just change the stroke of the border. You can use photoshop to do this.

When I made it, it didn’t have a stroke it was straight white with no border.

Put your image in this since it fixes the alpha bleeding.

Then, I dont really know the problem, that never happens to me, maybe a problem with the software, you were using and didnt store the art correctly or something

If this is your first UI then it’s not bad.