FirstValor | 3D Modeler (UPDATED)

You take percentage? Friended you on discord.

are u good at making clothes?
char char


3D clothes? Like armors and stuff?

Modelled a logo for me. It was excellent, very high quality. Vouch.


Updated armors and stuff to feature more recently done things.

Added more armors to the showcase.

Any medium, or high poly work? Only seems low poly right now

I make mainly low poly, but I can make high and medium too.

Do you have any photos or anything to showcase your high / medium poly models? I’m interested in those as a weapons

here some -

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Added creatures and jojo stands to the showcase.

Sent you a request, I am Nv#2008

I am willing to hire u for my MMORPG game, I have ~39k ish robux with me rn. Depends if u can model custom creatures with custom shapes and not roblox character based. Hit me up Steven Chhun#3931

sent a friend request, St_vn#3931

Added more armors and some more stuff, also updated prices abit.

send you a request on discord, need some jojo stands :slight_smile:

I sent you a friend request on Discord, can’t wait to chat with you! TMS Gaming#5630

Added some some stuff and updated. added VFX too.

Are you able to do mid-high poly vehicles?

After about a year, I finally updated the portfolio!