Fix experimental mode detection to not be a hack

Currently experimental mode was implemented using hacky code where developers must join their places to update the status. I learned tonight that this was shadowbanning one of my games from the front page for <13 users because someone had added a place to the universe to test something (it was filtering, but they never joined it)

This code should be fixed and implemented properly where it updates the status based on the placefile that has been uploaded!

Combination Studio/Web/Client feature request


This awkward behavior has caused a lot of confusion and incorrectly categorized games. This is definitely something that’d be great to look into.

There’s potential for concern because someone could have an experimental mode place, port it to FE, and now < 13 users are joining experimental mode servers because they haven’t died off yet. This would be resolved by phasing out old servers which would solve a number of other problems as well.


Yeah, Experimental Mode has screwed me over on multiple occasions, especially when I had to move a Game with multiple Places under it to a Group place. This forced each place to be played before the game would actually show up without Experimental Mode.

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I really don’t think roblox should filter out games before their system works as intended, but should instead fix these bugs and then start filtering out games.