[FIXED] I'm not getting my pending Robux after 72 hours

So pending sales take 72 hours, right?

Warning: Large

So that’s the past four days of my game. I should at least be seeing a number that is in the tens of thousands because I’m getting the Robux that was used to buy stuff at my game 4 days ago

However, look at this:

I only have 2,900 Robux, even though my Developer stats from 4 days ago shows a completely different story. I know my game – it definitely makes more than 2.9k Robux a day using my recent sales transactions and developer stats as proof.

edit: This isn’t in confidential tags because I want to know if anyone else is having this problem.


My Sales of Goods is only going down. It’s now at 1.9k while my robux has remained the same.

It’s also taken me a few days to get my pending ROBUX.

Yeah, I have a bit that is still pending from like Friday or Saturday

Thank heavens I’m not an isolated incident.

This is happening to me too. O.o I thought I was just crazy.

72 business hours

Me too…

I don’t think that’s right. My “Sale Of Goods Past Day” should never be 8 Robux…(it’s current value)

I’m taking a look at this right now. I’ll keep you posted.

Anyone still seeing this?


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