Fixing a shop saving problem

Hello, I am RTC

I am currently working on a game similar to Speed Run 4.

We are experiencing a problem where the shop does not save your purchases.

If you know how I could save stuff that is bought in a shop without overloading roblox, could you please let me know.

Cheers, RTC

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Give each individual item an unique index number and save those under DataStore, as you would save coins or points.

Read more about it here!

PS: You can also go with an external service to store data but this is simple enough that I don’t think it would be worth it.


As @Loggkat said, you can use DataStoreService. I recommend you practice saving and loading data, so you can save stuff like: Pets, Tools, and what now. Hope this helps! (There’s also DataStore wrappers made by people, such as: DataStore2, and ProfileService, they’re really cool, so feel free to check them out)