Fixing images in Roblox ui (black outlines)


To add on to this topic, I would strongly consider using these same methods mentioned in the OP for MeshParts. Consider this example:




For Photoshop users:
Don’t download any plugins, photoshop has it built-in.

Layer > Matting > Defringe.
I usually enter betweeen 2-10 pixels to be safe, doesn’t really matter most of the times.

Black outlines? Vanished!


This is going to help so many new UI designers out there! Amazing tutorial, Quenty! :+1:


I’d still recommend the original solution, because after trying that for a few minutes:


True! Forgot to mention that it doesn’t handle stuff with opacity very well. The most common example would be drop shadows or any type of glow.

I’ve never noticed a major change around thin strokes though. Thanks! :slight_smile: