Fleurs mortes à l'aube

howdy everyone! it’s been a while since i posted a showcase on here, but this showcase means a lot to me so i thought i’d share it.
for this showcase i really wanted to push sending a feeling across to the player. i wanted to create a dynamic atmosphere that realls pulls the player into the storyline. i also wanted to play around with the theme of a world being forgotten. the name of the showcase, fleurs mortes à l’aube, translates to dead flowers at dawn.

touch the mirror to experience a shift in time


game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/4977785517/fleurs-mortes-laube?refPageId=69c1da67-2530-48d5-9b0d-37612476a374
warning: this showcase is part heavy, so a beefy computer is recommended

twitter: @inkwaves
discord: inkwaves#3218



It amazing did you build it or use 3d models made by your self

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This is smoking hot. Now I want to see it with FiB. :wink:

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i used a mix of models made in blender and parts in studio :cowboy_hat_face:


i’m afraid my pc would actually explode if i tried that hahah, but maybe i should try anyway…


This looks spectacular! Went inside the game myself and it looks amazing! Great work! :+1:

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thank you so much! really appreciate it <3

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