[FOR HIRE] Monophony - Composer and Producer

About me:
I’m a 17 year old guy from the UK who has a passion for music and am eager to turn my hobby into a way I can get involved in the ROBLOX developer community as well.

All of my pieces are made from scratch without any loops unlike many other composers. This ensures that the piece I create for you is completely original and unique.

LATEST WORK: https://soundcloud.com/monophonyrbx/ocodile

Previous Work

I have made pieces for successful games that have reached over 4000 concurrent players and over 20 million visits.

Innovation Inc Spaceship[20 Mil. Visits]:
Innovation Inc. Spaceship Soundtrack
I am credited in the game’s description
Link to the Game

Firework Simulator (frontpage game)
Complete Soundtrack

Criminal Patrol
Complete Soundtrack

Pizza Simulator
Pizza Theme

A few bits of work are commissioned for games that are still in development.

Upcoming laser tag game:

Lobby Theme

Main Theme

Upcoming clan sword dueling game
Desert Night Theme

Desert Day Theme

Upcoming fighting game
Lobby Theme

Battle Music

Personal Work
The Rain
Fat flipping Song
See it

War Group Work

I accept payment in both ROBUX and through PayPal. Pricing depends on what I’m being asked to do but a single piece is around 18k. This will be an original piece specific to your needs. Individual pricing does go down if you wish to purchase multiple pieces.

Contact me
Feel free to message me on the forums but I’d much prefer to communicate over discord as I would be working closely with you to deliver a specific song for your game.

Discord - Monophony#5514
ROBLOX - Monophony
Twitter - @monophonyrbx

I work very specifically to what you as a developer wish to have made for your game and I’m very open to your criticism and feedback and always act upon any issues you may find in the composition.


Talented artist, definitely worth the money :^)


Do you accept payment in USD?


I do, yes.
It all depends on the amount of tracks you want.


Marshalzalio like that there are more music composer awesome stuff


Thanks :slight_smile:


Edit: added a new piece for firework simulator: https://www.roblox.com/games/2759099991/NEW-Firework-Simulator


updated - new tracks and figures etc.


What type of music do you make?


Really nice stuff. Currently finishing up my own Simulator. I’ll keep you in mind for music.


It varies, Electronic, orchestral etc. it depends on the task I’m generally well versed in whatever is thrown at me.


Were the two separate buyers of “Casual Link” and “Criminal Patrol” okay with you using the same piano progression in both of their tracks? If you didn’t mention it to them I would recommend doing so in the future for full transparency. The use of it multiple times and the sound of the rest of the drum loops is very reminiscent of lo-fi hip hop percussion packs, are you certain that absolutely everything is made by you? It wouldn’t be too much of an issue otherwise, but in this case you made this claim:

All of my pieces are made from scratch without any loops unlike many other composers. This ensures that the piece I create for you is completely original and unique.


Yep, that’s right. Casual link was made as a personal project which I later sold to a developer for a marked down price as I had it lying around. I didn’t sell it twice as that is immoral and against my policy. All drums ARE made by me using top of the line VSTs in Ableton Live 10 Suite. I’m not lying when I say that I create and produce everything I sell from scratch.


Further info can be found on my website: https://www.monophonies.site/


Just checked out a bunch of them. The lofi feel of “The Rain” is fantastic! I’ll keep you in mind when my game gets closer to needing atmospheric music.


Thanks that is one of my earliest projects and my production quality has improved a lot since then but thank you


Updated portfolio with new additions

Talented composer, gave me what I was looking for. Would defo hire again.

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Now open for commissions. DM me on discord: Monophony#5514