[For Hire] UI Designer

Hi I would love to work with you!

Here is my discord user: dreaming#6503

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Hey I’m interested could you add me on discord, Trisins#1111

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Hi! Your discord doesn’t work please add me: dudegod#9999

Hi ty for the response,

I have sent you a friend request

I would love to work with you!

Your discord doesn’t seem to work. Would you mind sending me a FR? Agent#7081

Let me know if you’re still open for hire! I am the lead modeler/animator for the team and have been given the task to find a scripter to fill the job. My teams superior is interested in offering a full time position for the game we are working on, Bakugan: Titanium Generation

You can Contact my Superior ChaseKoala#0001 on discord if you’re interested.