For how long will we wait for PA replacement?

Today I’ve come across a very irritating studio bug, and wanted to post a bug report about. A second later understanding of the fact that TL1 cannot post in #platform-feedback struck my head. :sob:
Question is very simple: when we’ll have a replacement for PA? And why we don’t have it yet, despite the promises that it will be done before September? @DevRelationsTeam?

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It’s unknown when Post approval’s replacement arrives. It could be a week, or a month, maybe an entire season. I’m not sure if the DevRel team even knows.

That’s just an estimate, it’s not guaranteed to come out that soon, but I’m sure it’ll be done by the end of the year.

After what I’ve heard, DevRel should have an other replacement for PA by September 15th. So, we’ll have to see what happens.

I think the PA closing thread being pinned until September 15th had more to do with that being 50 days than the specific date. You’ll notice he manually unpinned it before then, too, so I don’t know if the date is of any significance—surely it’d be mentioned in the thread itself if it was.

unpinned 4 days ago - buildthomas

@buildthomas: Can you confirm if the specific day it was scheduled to be unpinned meant anything relating to PA’s replacement? Was it just a random date long enough after to account for any delays that might’ve come up?


I just put a schedule so it would unpin in case I forgot, there’s no special meaning to the date.

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