Forum moderation is too lenient; deliver the appropriate punishments to problem users

Confused as to what’s so inaccurate about it. BB1 indicates that is rule 1 for Bulletin Board, 0 indicates you many strikes you would generally get for it, and “Feedback” indicates what punishment is generally given out.

And I am genuinely interested in learning why they are inaccurate.

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I agree with everything you’re saying. Often in development discussion, there is a plethora of low-quality topics and posts, I honestly find myself using the forum less and less these days because of the seeming overwhelming number of low-effort posts. I still lurk from time to time and contribute my thoughts and questions sometimes but I have not much interest in doing so anymore.

There are also a handful of individuals and scenarios of people who constantly personally attack others, post non-contributive replies, get into hostile arguments and more in the development discussion category, I’ve also seen a large number of moderation questions that do not belong there.

I will admit, I’ve posted my share of unintentionally rule-breaking content (eg. off-topic or non contributive posts), however the main distinction between well-intended and ill-intended individuals is that those who are ill-intended do not take feedback when moderators send them a DM in response to the moderation actions.

Something that I’d like to point out from the rules:

Please also note that receiving an unreasonable amount of feedback messages in a short period of time, especially for the same rule violation, puts you at risk of receiving a strike. This includes rapidly making low-effort posts.

That statement should be clarified, an unreasonable number of posts in a short period needs to be defined, and possibly made less lenient. In my opinion, I believe that feedback is specific enough to change your actions because you know what you did wrong. This is especially relevant because these repeat-offenders that constantly do the same thing when it comes to creating problematic posts and overall being a negative influence for the community have no place on the forum. It is often clear when these people are here only to create an issue when they constantly do the same rule-violating action over and over.

There are specific patterns in activity when it comes to the moderation team that are problematic as well. There is essentially no moderation in the evenings, overnight and early morning for the US, therefore there are no moderators online. This, in my opinion, is not the issue. The issue is that when the next day comes, there is zero action taken against the problematic individuals from that previous night, and that reason I believe is a significant reason the moderation aspect of the forum has not improved. That also brings me back to my previous post (paragraph 2); since no moderation actions are taken, no feedback for the rule-violating post is given, therefore those who are well-intended are indiscernible from those who are intentionally being problematic.

Another thing I would like to point out is that when flagging a post, often you will get a response from the moderation team stating they agree that the post/DM is in violation of the rules and/or quality threshold but there is still no action taken against it, and therefore it remains forever on the forum. Furthermore, sometimes, even when the post blatantly violates some rule, it is marked as reviewed and the content is restored, and it cannot be flagged again.

In addition, rules surrounding the content of posts need to be implemented as well. Many times I see duplicate topics, website inquiries, moderation inquiries, questions surrounding the community from the perspective of a player, posts asking for legal advice, posts asking for development support, low-quality posts that do not provoke any thoughts or discussion whatsoever, among many, many others. Likewise, in #help-and-feedback (specifically development help categories, especially scripting support), there are many posts that are extremely low-effort, like posting a block of code with the title “why won’t my script work”, failure to post any errors, etc… In my opinion, these are fundamental in asking for support and should be put into the post template. However, the part that is relevant to this topic, these posts also violate the category guidelines post, each post must follow the posting guidelines, else they aren’t meant for that category. Even if you aren’t posting your script/creation, asking for a guide on where to begin is okay, as long as they answer those questions.

I guess I’m just complaining at this point so I’ll end my post here, I believe I’ve mentioned everything I wanted to.


weirdly they never took down my post on the face animations post, somebody said it looked bad (spoiler alert: it does) and i said “nooo!!! it’s the future of the metaverse!” idk how it hasn’t been taken down yet

Edit: I actually found it

It’s true that better spend time hardworking in the Studio than arguing on the Forum.
I like your alien hat + headless avatar

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