Free Blender Light Set Up For Character Renders

Sep, 2022 update: My apology, the link is broken and I no longer have the file. Sorry you can no longer download the light set up from the link
So I see some new artist out there struggling to get a good lighting for their arts. I came up with this idea of a pre-made light room (R6/R15) that is free to use.

Preview of what the lights look like:

Notice: I didn’t make the rigs, I just added the light set up and uploaded as an open resource. R6 rig made by Its H2NB and R15 rig made by GFX COMET.



Thanks for reading and I hope this pose helped you!


Thanks for everything chief but I’d like to point out that you can get your rig R15 or not using the blender animation addon and plugin.

I’m not getting what you are trying to say, can you explain it again?

The GFXComet rig seems to be limited in terms of body parts, thankfully there’s a method to get any type of avatar with exotic body parts and such fully rigged!

I’ve been using this add-on to allow me to import rigs that aren’t going to get ported by the community and use them instantly for gfx or animation preferences.

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The lighting looks amazing!!

Problem is, the r6 rig is a r15 rig


Oops thanks for telling me, the problem is fixed