Free Datastore Editor plugin! [15K installs] [OPEN-SOURCE]

Hmm… How would you imagine that?
I don’t know how should I make this.
Please send me your ideas!

This will be so helpful in the future. I always hate setting up datastores.

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What you said doesn’t really make sense but ok…i don’t know how that would be implemented. It would be possible to have modules that are just a table with nothing special inside. For beginners, a easier way to understand tables is to enable the new console. It prints an actual table visually.

I could help you include ordereddatastores support if you wanted to. It’s not really complicated at all.

What “new console”??? I’ve not heard of that.

Yuh get into it Expressive Output Window - Beta

Think of Excel and Google Sheet.

It’s a Table viewer and editor, it’s the same thing as you already have, you just have to expand it to work with ModuleScripts not just for Datastores.

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Okay, but it will be a different plugin I think.
Because, this is a Datastore editor.
But cool idea!

Thanks, but I think I’m starting to understand it rn!
Now I just need to find out a way to implement it into the plugin!


Now the plugin supports ordered datastores!

When you are connecting to a datastore, instead of pressing the ‘Connect’ button, click the ‘Connect (Ordered Data Store)’ button if the datastore is an ordered datastore.


omg i thought AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg this plugin is so SO, SO good right now, SO GOOD. SO, SO GOOD. Thanks!

A question though. Are the pages all created like automatically? Cuz, what you should be doing is letting people click to open a new page if not. I can’t test it right now, but that’s just something that you should change, because Ordered Data Store requests are quite expensive to make.


If you add new keys to the ordered ds., and then connect to it again, it should create the pages automatically.

Then I would highly recommend you to add a “go to next page” button. This could actually crash your plugin.

Yep, makes sense, cuz there can be hundreds of things

Yep. Especially if you’re messing with DS2 and such. There’s a LOT of pointers to go through.

On my game on my own key, I have 365 keys… So.

I will do it when I have time for it.

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Connect to ordered datastore text isn’t scalled.

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the for help me and other devs keep grow :heart: :grinning:

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Thanks, I fixed it! It should be scaled now!