'Friend activity' does not respect privacy settings

Reproduction steps:

  1. Get two accounts that are friended to each other.
  2. On one account set the ‘who can join me’ privacy setting to ‘No one’
  3. Join a game on the account that has it’s privacy setting changed to be set to ‘no one’ for joins.
  4. Notice that the game appears in the other account’s ‘friend activity’ section.

Expected behaviour:
The game should not appear in my friends’ ‘friend activity’ section as I had my joins off.

Actual behaviour:
The game appears in my friends’ ‘friend activity’ section regardless of the fact that I had joins set to no-one.

This issue makes it basically impossible to keep my projects secretive from my friends, as my friends can always tell what I’m playing.

Video of the bug (sorry, for the quality, I had to record it quickly on my mobile device):


This is a problem for me too. My friend’s been stalking me on the games i am playing (I don’t want to unfriend them since i wouldn’t want to look like a scummy person) and it’s so irritating since i wanted to play games only with myself.

Not only that! They would ask me on discord if i was trying to “avoid” them and just tell them if i hate them if i didn’t respond when they follow me on games even though that wasn’t the case, i only wanted to play with myself there’s no other thing it’s just that.

So how do they follow you (or in this case me) in games? They would basically search every server on the game im in until they see my avatar and i don’t really play large big hit games so it’s very easy for them.

Roblox actually need to fix this cause first, developers wouldn’t want to spoil they’re game to their friends and second, what’s the point of having your activity set to ‘no one’ if you’re friends can just follow you on the game you play?

But yeah i agree with you, friend’s activity doesn’t respect the privacy settings.

This was reported previously. Still a shame it’s not fixed.


Duplicate, so archiving this one

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