Friend's First Build: Please rate!

Hey everybody. This is my friend’s first build. It’s supposed to be an abandoned aquarium!
Please tell me your thoughts! He put lots of effort into this (6 hours nonstop)
btw it does have textures, i just have my textures removed!

might provide the model for everyone to use :slightly_smiling_face:


This is pretty cool, you can detail it more to look better good job as his first build and this low poly interior and outerior is cool keep the good work.

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Thanks! btw it does have textures, i just have my textures removed (for arsenal :sweat_smile:)

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Hey I really like your friend’s build, but one thing that doesn’t feel right is how bright the scene feels, I’m not sure if your friend is just going to wait to fix the lighting until they’re done building, but with the current lighting, it makes the build look too bright and happy. Also, it feels a bit empty, I’m pretty sure that was the intention, but it needs to have a bit more stuff in it as well as a bit of more detail.

Other than that, the build looks great.

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Is this is you’re first build then great job! I’ve seen you often on the developer forum so I hope you become a big builder soon! Love from Michigan!

I think this is very cool. A few errors here and there after that well done! Is this low poly building? Just wondering… Shine On! :smile:

Cool a low-poly build. I always enjoy these.

i like the look of the place! is that REALLY your friends first creation?

yes! he’s very creative (we’ve been friends for 10 years IRL so i know he’s super creative :sweat_smile: )

Wow, for a first build it is amazing! My first build was a crappy low poly map, so this is amazing!!

Of course! The third character requirement sucks though, lul.

yeah xD, i gave out too many hearts today so i have to add the ‘30characterrequirement’ part

Tell me about it, lol. Well tell your friend good luck! He has a lot in the future for him!!

Nice build but for being abandon it doesn’t give off that creepy vibe. Add some dark lighting and it will be top notch.

The builds looks pretty good! Just that for improvements, try making the scenes look darker.

Try tweaking the lighting to a darker look.